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What is CopyTrade?

CopyTrade is a product that allows traders of all levels to replicate the trading strategies of experienced and successful Money Managers.

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Benefits of CopyTrading

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Diversify risks seamlessly with a wide array of strategies.


Experience the peace of mind that comes with automated trading.

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Set a risk level that works best for you.

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Copy the trades of experts with ease.


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What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a service that allows you to invest and automatically replicate the trading strategies of experienced investors. When they make trades, your account copies those trades in real time.

How does Copy Trading work?

You select one or more traders to invest with, and your account mirrors their trading actions. When they buy or sell assets, your account does the same in proportion to your investment.

Are there any fees involved for Copy Trading?

There will be fees associated with the Money Manager that you invest with. All fees are shared transparently on for different Money Managers.

How much do I need to invest to get started with Copy Trading?

Each Money Manager will set their preferred initial investment amount for their investors. You may check this amount in your Member Area.

Can I choose a preferred Money Manager to follow?

Absolutely. You can browse and select from a list of experienced traders or investors, each with their own trading strategies and performance records.

Can I select different Money Managers and diversify my investments?

Yes, you can diversify your portfolio by investing with multiple Money Managers with different strategies, which can help manage risk.

Can I withdraw my funds anytime?

Generally, funds are withdrawable anytime.

What happens if a Money Manager that I invest with incurs a loss?

There are risks involved in all investments. If the Money Manager incurs a loss, your funds invested will decrease proportionately.

Can I disconnect from a Money Manager at any time?

Yes. If you feel that the investment is not working in your favour, you may wish to disconnect from that strategy anytime.

If client invests with a Money Manager, will the client follow all trades, existing and new trades of the Money Manager?

No, the client will invest in new trades

Can I invest in the same Money Manager using a different trading account type and/or number?

You can follow the same Money Manager any number of times. The new investor account is created every time you connect to the Strategy

How can I contact my Money Manager?

You can contact the customer support and the Valetax Team will be the liaison with the Money Manager. There is no option to contact Money Manager directly

Do the profits get transferred to the wallet or automatically reinvested in the investor’s account?

The system does not transfer profits automatically. You will be able to manage your funds on your own.

Can I login to MT4 with my investor account to invest on the trades copied?

No, the system will display your trades in the Member Area only.

What is the frequency of commission calculation for Money Managers – Daily, Weekly or Monthly?

It will be calculated daily. 

What is the execution type for Money Managers, is it sequential or instant?

Money Managers can often choose the execution type that suits their strategy and risk preferences. The execution types are defined below:
Sequential execution : orders are executed in the order they are received
Instant execution : orders are executed immediately at the current market price. 

What type of account can Money Manager set for strategies?

All account types : Standard and CENT accounts

How much is the minimum amount for a Money Manager to open a new strategy?

There is no limit for a Money Manager to open a new strategy.

Can I change my strategy and/or cease my role as a Money Manager anytime?

Yes, as a Money Manager, you have the flexibility to change your trading strategy or cease your role at any time. 

What can I do to attract more investors?

It is important to provide a transparent track record and a detail on performance statistics to attract investors. Consistent and regular updates on your strategy will also help to engage and enhance your credibility.

What information do I include in my Money Manager profile?

You can provide information on your investment strategy and level of experience in trading. This profile is what the investors will assess to determine which Money Manager to invest in.

When will my investors get charged the commission?

The commission is recalculated once a day.

Am I able to determine the amount of commission to charge my investors?

Yes, the Money Manager determines the commission value during the creation the strategy.

Do I need to pay a fee to become a Money Manager?

No, you don’t need to pay any fees to become a Money Manager.

When will I receive commission from the followers under me?

The commission is recalculated once a day.

How can I become a Money Manager?

You can create the strategy in the “For Money Managers” tab. The Company checks the strategy details and after approving the strategy by the Company, it becomes available for connecting by other users.

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